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These industries use our expertise for their success:
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Technology Control / Reject Reduction

With our support, the client successfully campaigned their new products (Business Development Project) and received enquiries and multi-year contracts for small batch series and volume models. Both the amount of rejects and the productivity are inadequate. Cost targets and sales goals could not be reached. Production processes (machines, tools, parameters and materials) are not properly regulated.

Backlog Reduction

The client produces only 65% of the required and agreed upon amount with a 21-person shift system, 7 days a week, instead of with a 15-person shift system, 5 days a week. T+M will assess the procedures in the production, logistics and production-related areas, and will immediately intervene in the event of variances and stops errors. Project duration phase 1: 14 days, 24 hrs/ day.

Backlog Reduction and Productivity Optimisation

The client produces only 2000 units instead of the planned 3000 units per day. SAP skills are not adequate enough to ensure efficient and economically advantageous operations. The entire internal supply chain as well as the 1st and 2nd tier suppliers have to be restructured and renegotiated.

Factory Restructuring

The client would like to have existing approaches examined and any supplementary restructuring approaches needed investigated and evaluated. Subsequently, T+M should accompany the internal staff members and suppliers in the implementation of the agreed upon measures.

Supplier Logistics: Planning and Organisation

The client would like to eliminate all activities that do not add value to their assembly company (Muda- the Japanese word for waste). Additionally, all components procurement and picking activities should be outsourced and reorganised. Aside from the physical logistics (site selection for the picking centre, shelf and boxing systems, conveying systems, lifting machinery) and the IT systems (SAP, …), the planning phase should also include work and time studies.

Transfer Concept from OEM to Supplier

A German OEM plans to further develop and physically integrate a new technology at an existing location. The added value previously located at the company will be outsourced to a system supplier. In this process, not only technological, but also logistical challenges need to be dealt with. T+M has created a detailed projection for the system supplier. In addition, all material flow, investment and staffing measures have been planned for and, on this basis, the offer was submitted to the OEM. T+M will accompany the implementation of this project by request of the OEM.

Space and Effort Reduction / Generation of a Modern Logistics System

A globally active system supplier would like to construct a competence centre for next-generation technology at one of its branches. In order to start this project, space must first be made. Furthermore, the full potential of the current location’s logistics should be assessed and taken advantage of. Initially, T+M will accompany the planning phase and will then actively support the rapid implementation of the comprehensive renovation by means of project monitoring.

Communication of a New Payment Model

The client has developed a performance-oriented payment model and would like to implement it within the company.Theexecutive management is uncertain whether the direct management, department heads and foremen can professionally communicate these changes, which would result in the desired effects. A communication trainer from T+M will individually instruct the foremen in this specific task, therefore ensuring the measure’s effectiveness.

Technology Clarification

The client would like to clarify what influence future client behaviour, stricter legal requirements and new drive concepts (E-mobility) could have on the company’s new technology. Furthermore, the client would like to know what effects the new technology for vehicle concepts – when influenced by lightweight construction – will have on new and future model generations.

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Mechanical Engineering

Market and Function Analysis

The client would like to increase their market share with a new product series, thereby considerably increasing the company’s profit margin. First, the market volume as well as the product requirements should be systematically increased. Subsequently, next to the economically efficient design of the product series, the marketing and sales processes as well as their organisation should be restructured.

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Quick Check Project Management System

Over the years the client has accrued an almost unmanageable amount of “open” projects. Visibility of the projects’ status is almost non-existent. The new management would like to increase transparency in the areas of profitability, resource commitment, project duration and closure as well as for the existing need for action. Furthermore, a procedure should be developed and implemented for new projects, which meets these requirements from the outset. In the next stage, the organisational structure should be adapted to these procedures.

Assessment: Innovation Project for Market Attractiveness

The client has acquired patents and has begun to be active both technologically and on the market. Now the client would like to know how each market should be approached and which technology and marketing strategies are necessary in what dose in order to move from an “idea” to a sustainable and successful business. Next to networking with the appropriate business partners and their companies, the client is interested in having T+M participate in the consortium where applicable.

industries example
Medical Engineering

Procurement Strategy and Implementation

A manufacturer of dental systems wants to reorganise their procurement and purchasing processes. Multiple locations and the respective staff members have to be connected and a “trans-regional” purchasing system needs to be established.

Strategy Validation and Implementation

The client has formulated a rough strategy “impulse technology for small, fast applications“ and would like  to prepare for the future with the help of a variety of specific, realisable scenarios. Potential scenarios will be strongly influenced by the results from outstanding negotiations with a major client. The client would like to immediately implement the resulting points from the negotiation, which have been set in action plans. Furthermore, actual state analyses (production costs, retail price, profit margins, variable costs per unit, technology groups, etc.) for individual parts, components and finished goods should be conducted.